Final thoughts

The past two weeks have been excellent  – Chris, Hamzah, Azaria, Vicky, Tessa, Rachael, Melissa, Danni, Grace, Eloise, Lauren and Emily, have experienced many new things and they have taken it all in their stride, the long waits, unpleasant toilets, unusual smells, the heat, repetitive food. They have led lessons, taught songs, and played games at the schools we have worked with.
They have been positive role models, great ambassadors of JCA, and parents you should be really proud of how they have been on the trip, I am glad they wanted to come, hopefully some lessons have been learn, even if it is only to be more patient (after the epic ferry wait)
Thank you to all who supported with fundraising we have given almost £2000 to good causes in the Farafenni area – anti – FGM projesct, HIV/AIDS project, Farafenni Hospital, Mae’s Nursery and primary school, St John’s nursery and Primary school, Army Nursery and our link school Farafenni Upper Basic School.


Last day in The Gambia

Melissa here, It’s day 13. Today was the day we were able to buy gifts . After the extremely late night last night, we allowed ourselves a well deserved lie in, getting breakfast at 9:45 and leaving by 10:30. First we went to the tourist market in Banjul , that was a 40 minute drive to get there. When we got there Morro’s directed us to the middle of there market where we were all able to split up and look around.We went in groups of three people plus . We all split up in our own little groups . Melissa , Dani ,Vicky and Emily . Groups two was Rachel , Chris , Zari and Tessa . The third group was Lauren , Eloise , Hamza and Grace . Before we had left Dani and Vicky and Emily had made a little list of all the people they would like to buy gifts for there friends and family . The list were quite big . That day a verity of gifts were bought for those very special people . A lot of students were surprised at the prices of some of the gifts as I think we thought they would be lower . But we learnt how to get the gifts at a lower cost by haggling . One thing that I think that worked was by walking away as they knew we were not willing to pay there prices but they didn’t want to lose a customer even though we were going to pay a lot less. One person who was not worried about haggling well, was Vicky she was very good at it, she stuck to one price she was willing to pay or even got lower at some points . Vicky was our star haggler she got many of the prices down . She even helped Miss Ashworth get the price of a collectable she wanted to add to her collection, over a 1000 was the starting number but no one would be willing to pay that price Vicky was able to get the price down to a more suitable number Miss Ashworth was willing to pay, 375 was the price she ended up paying . Vicky did this with some of her gifts by working the number down from over 1000 dalasi down to 400 dalasi. Once every one had got the gifts we met in meting station at a certain time where we all left together as the big group again . On the way back to the van we stopped in a food place on got wraps, chips and pizzas . When at the market with the money I had collected we bought our amazing van driver Morro a Liverpool football club top and shorts as it is his favourite football team and well he deserves it .

We all got back in the van and made our 50 minute trip past our hotel and to a proper wood market . It was quite small but yet we managed to get some really amazing deals on some of the wood carvings . But by this point a lot of us did not have that much money left to buy some on the amazing sculptures but some people did still buy them and very very happy with what they were able to buy .

After a 10 minute journey back to our hotel we all went to our rooms and packed our suit cases ready for our trip home tomorrow . After this a lot of us took a well deserved trip to the pool we spent about one hours and half of swimming and having a mess around . After this we took a trip to ice-cream Parlour where ice creams and milkshakes were bought . Once we had our treats we went for and walk along the beach were people got in up to the shins for a little splash . We were able to walk from where we were directly to our hotel were everyone got really to go out for our last meal together.


The longest wait…

Hello Vicky here..

Today I woke up at 6:30am which I then packed my suitcase and cleaned our room before breakfast which was at 7am and for breakfast I had a French stick (first come first served). Everybody had their suitcases at the front of the guest house by 8am which we then left the guest house for the last time to go straight to James island (which took around 2-3 hours) where we learnt about slavery and kinteh kunteh. James island was an island in which the slaves were shipped to in order to work for their masters. We got to James Island by a boat in which I was the only person who got soaked, miss did warn us as we were leaving. We travelled back by a boat in which was followed by lunch at a restaurant by the river which we had chips and sandwiches and we also visited a museum after about slavery. We then travelled to the ferry in which we missed the first one and then Morro managed to cut the queue for the next ferry which took several hours so we we’re all listening and signing to music in the van whilst waiting for the ferry and many people needed to go to the toilet which smelt revolting so some people like me didn’t end up going to the toilet. When the ferry arrived we all went onto the ferry on the van in which we could see the stars (whoever was still awake). After the travel on the ferry we took an extra 45 minute drive back to our hotel and after we took our suitcases into our rooms we all went out for dinner at midnight and we didn’t get back to the hotel until 2am and we were all eating pizza with our teachers at around 1am-2am because the food took an hour to arrive. After the meal we all walked back to the hotel and went to sleep.